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was Established in1990

      Perfect Office Furniture Co., Ltd. is the manufacturer and distributor of PERFECT Office Furniture with high quality and distinguished modern designs. The company has dedicated itself exclusively to the office environment, developing a cleverness in order to understand and anticipate products that will satisfy all of our customers’ requirements. Ergonomic research and quality of the workplace has always been the philosophical base that has made PERFECT Office Furniture one of the leading companies in office furniture products.  Our products are designed to conform to international standards, using the best available resources in the market.

     We also wish to emphasize our commitment to the customer through our after-sales support. While our products feature durability and ease of maintenance, we also give due consideration to areas like product warranty, availability of replacement components, stocking and delivery programs. Finally, we would like to express our commitment in constantly seeking ways to serve our customers more effectively while moving steadily toward the future.




      With 20 years experience and efficiency in manufacturing, PERFECT OFFICE FURNITURE has gained the trust from governments, state enterprises, private individuals, laboratories, hospitals, educational institutions, designers and architects to produce and to deliver all of their office furniture needs.   With the continuous development of our products, excellent office equipment, and committed staff, we strive for excellence in service: We have been awarded for our high quality products through local and international organizations.


Our Evolution

     Perfect Office Furniture was established in 1990 by Mr. Pornchai Pataraplapan.  The company was established with a full array of high-tech manufactured office furniture, including items made of particle board, MDF board and steel. Our products and showrooms are meant to inspire all of the senses and imagination of our elite customers and designers, and strive to meet your requirements.


Perfect match.

Implicit and concise fashion:

     Our focus is on superior quality and practical functioning by gathering the tastes and needs of senior executives. Our products are featured with an elegant appearance, modular design, have multiple functions and are in unique taste, satisfying you with every single detail.




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